Food Processor

Atelier Van Lieshout

2015, Rotterdam, Nederland

This sculpture offers the vision of an imaginary future farm, a utopian machine that functions similarly to the human body, which Atelier Van Lieshout sees as the ‘ultimate system’. As the scientific possibility of futuristic, genetic-hybrid creatures advances into reality, how far, or bizarre, will we be willing to go? Will we, as humans have in past eras, embrace technology with utter faith, believing it will manage to deliver solutions to problems like our world’s diminishing resources, and the insatiable hunger we have for more possession, consumption, and power?

The Food Processor is a hybrid human-machine species, one united entity, that can take leftovers and process them with microbes and enzymes to produce new, recycled superfood. It is a technocratic, capitalist dream come true, and a triumph, in collaboration with science: the food of the future.

Atelier Van Lieshout (AVL) is the studio practice of Rotterdam-based artist Joep van Lieshout. Since its founding in 1995, Van Lieshout has been working solely under the studio’s name as a methodology towards undermining the myth of the artistic genius. Over the past three decades AVL has produced a multitude of works on the border of art, design, and architecture. These works share a number of recurring themes and obsessions, such as systems, power, autarky, sex, and life and death. AVL is internationally renowned for sculptural installations which harbor a controversial, sinister, and playful tone.

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Erasmus MC collaborates with regional ­hospitals Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland and Maasstad Ziekenhuis in the Obesity Clinic CGG (Healthy Weight Centre). The clinic is committed to improving the treatment of children and adults with obesity. It has a unique personalized and value-driven approach and looks beyond nutrition and exercise as factors for obesity. Scientific research focuses on the ­question: Which treatment is effective for whom? Individual characteristics such as medical, genetic, behavioral, psychological, and socio-economic factors all play an important role in this. Recently, research into the effect of new drugs on people with genetic obesity has started. These patients experience ­hunger all day long. The new drug tries to reduce their appetite. What will these patients think when looking at the Food Processor by Atelier Van Lieshout?

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