Self Contained Archives

PentHouss / Anna Lann and Jonathan Trichter

2018, London, United Kingdom / Paris, France

What do we expect to gain when looking at our reflection? As independent self-archiving units, we tend to shape false self-perceptions, devoid of neutral means of observation. These perceptions form identities and memories, which become stories we tell ourselves, and then edit or re-write over time. Self Contained Archives stands at the threshold between subject and object, inviting viewers to gain awareness of their constructed self-image and maybe even transform it.

Through performance, installation, sound, and optical ­illusion, artists Anna Lann and Jonathan Trichter aspire to break into our self-archive in an extreme event, one in which the invisible observer becomes visible, as the work looks back at the spectator.

Due to public health risk stemming from the spread of Covid-19, this performance is postponed.

PentHouss is a conceptual multidisciplinary art hub established by artists Anna Lann and Jonathan Trichter. By engaging with various artists and molding together different artistic mediums and disciplines, they hope to generate new art systems. Anna Lann is a Tel-Aviv based multidisciplinary artist, whose work ranges from musical producer and composer, film director, visual and new media artist, singer, and sound engineer. Jonathan Trichter is a Telma Yelin Art School graduate who has worked in the field of fashion, sculpting, and painting.

Shay Kakui (choreography), Anna Lann (sound design).

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Het kunstwerk door de ogen van:

Prof. dr. Steven A. Kushner

Professor in Psychiatry

More than a century of neuroscience and psychoanalytic research has taught us about the dynamic interplay between our conscious awareness and our unconscious biases. This is exemplified by our own attempts at objective self-reflection. As has been well-demonstrated in quantum physics, the mere observation of a phenomenon inevitably changes it. Similarly with our self-perceptions, by which attempts to reflect upon ourselves is itself a barrier to objective evaluation. The vast majority of our mental activity is entirely out of conscious awareness. The most impressive skills of our brain — language, creativity, motor coordination — are accomplished without much conscious thought. However, we tend to embrace the notion that our thoughts, feelings, and decisions are decidedly conscious functions.

Indeed, our perceived reality is heavily shaped by our unconscious emotions and our self-perception is by definition inaccurate. Self Contained Archives elegantly demonstrates this principle by transitioning objective reflection into an uncomfortably realistic subjective experience.

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